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Young & Co, the leading family London Pub Operator, alongside IT Services partner nGeneration, revolutionise their customer service offer by implementing Samsung Tablet and Wireless Technology.

For many years the hospitality industry has been searching for a mobile table service solution to improve customer service and drive sales. This has been dependant on two key requirements:

  • A suitable  device, hand-held and easy to operate.
  • A secure and reliable Wi-Fi solution providing coverage and roaming capabilities.

nGeneration, with experience that includes project management, training resource, engineering and cabling teams, were approached by their customers to source a suitable solution and spent twelve months trailing various hardware solutions.

Technology Partner

nGeneration approached Samsung with a list of industry requirements. These included a lightweight lock-down device, full keyboard replication and an eight-hour battery life. The solution was the Samsung Galaxy Tablet. To make it more suitable for the hospitality industry they developed a custom ROM to facilitate sales and defined applications, but locked out the usual consumer applications / web browsing facility on the devices.

nGeneration developed complementary accessories, including design and manufacture of a charging rack for up to nine tablets.

Young’s decided early on that, although they had a customer Wi-Fi solution across their estate, their business solution should be on a separate Wi-Fi network in order to ‘ring fence’ the business-critical applications. Samsung’s wireless enterprise solution was optimised to work with Young’s mobile devices enabling table selling across large outlets and gardens without any degradation to signal.

With the support of Samsung, nGeneration installed a pilot site on the riverbank in Greenwich, initially with the customer’s own Wi-Fi, after which Young’s agreed to trial the Samsung Wireless. This was successfully installed in September 2013 and further sites were agreed. By the start of 2014, the first batch of 25 Young’s outlets were selected and the roll-out of the Samsung APs and Samsung Galaxy Tablets commenced in February.

Marked business success

The business success at Young’s has been marked, with the Operations Team driving use of the hand-held terminals. Apart from improving customer service, this has driven revenue and product benefits.

More than 50% of sales across over a third of the Youngs’s pub estate are now processed through Samsung tablets and Wi-Fi solution. With the install base increasing, nGeneration and Samsung are implementing a central controller for the Wi-Fi controller. This not only monitors the health of the Wi-Fi estate, it also enables downloads of new firmware.

Extract from Young & Co.’s Brewery, Plc Annual Report 2015
"Customer engagement…

We continue to strengthen our e-marketing platform to deliver enhanced local engagement, maximise consumer loyalty and position pubs right at the heart of their communities. We are using new technology within our pubs to improve the face-to-face communication with customers.

Over one third of the estate is now using tablet technology to facilitate our 'you stay there and we’ll look after you' service proposition. Together, we and our customers are seeing the benefit of these tablets across a wide range of pubs. These extend from the Lamb Tavern (Leadenhall Market) where their ‘Thirst Aiders’ create exceptional service to our many pubs with large gardens, where regularly over 30% of sales are delivered through the use of tablets.”

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